Offer for seniors

Offer for seniors

The Chojnice Museum is a friendly place for Adults and Seniors. All interested and willing persons, who would like to broaden their knowledge of the cultural heritage and history of the region of the southern tip of Pomerania, are invited to participate in various interesting forms of activities. Museum meetings can be an excellent proposal and offer to spend your free time.


We have prepared for you:

a proposal for the participation of organized groups of Adults and Seniors in museum meetings with the following content:

History of the symbols of Chojnice: coat of arms, flag, bugle call.

Every city has its history. Participants of the meeting will learn about the most important signs, symbolizing Chojnice. They will also gain knowledge about the turbulent history of our city.

The city in the Middle Ages.

During the meeting, Seniors will learn the most important facts from the history of the Teutonic Order, such as: how many knights of the Order fought at Grunwald? what did the Teutonic Knights eat and what was their daily life like? Participants will learn the answers to these and other questions.

The ceremonial year in Poland.

Every nation has its rituals, customs and beliefs, which constitute a tradition. Many Polish holidays are directly connected with the Christian faith, reflected in folk messages from generation to generation. During the meeting, we will learn about forgotten Polish customs, as well as those that have survived to modern times.

Participation in the following museum workshops:

Kashubian folk costume - handicraft workshop.

Using a wooden spoon, crepe paper and tissue paper folk motifs, we will show how to make a Kashubian folk costume. The museum provides art materials and a self-dressed Kashubian doll for the ownership of the authors of the made costume.

Souvenir from Kashubia.

Art classes will involve decorating wooden kitchen spatulas with painted Kashubian embroidery elements. During the workshop participants will also learn about the symbolism of colours, used in Kashubian design. A handmade "souvenir" from Kashubia will be an excellent reward for active participation in the classes.

Wooden bird.

Participants, based on the patterns of painted birds from the ethnographic collection of the museum, using paints will decorate with colours the models of birds carved in wood. Colourful birds can be an interesting form of home decoration.

Special offer on the occasion of Easter - decorating Easter eggs using the batik method.

During the Easter egg workshop, we will make Easter eggs by applying a pattern with heated wax on the egg. The last stage of creating an Easter egg is to gently rub off the wax. An egg decorated in this way will be a beautiful decoration for the Easter basket with the holy sacrament.

Leonard Brzezinski's Kashubian Embroidery School - Classes begin in May.

As part of the workshop, participants will learn about the silhouette of the prominent Kashubian artist Leonard Brzezinski and his legacy. They will then receive lessons in basic Kashubian embroidery in theory and practice. The classes will be conducted by the artist's nephew and his student in embroidery - Mr. Stefan Wittstock.

Cost of the class - PLN 8 per participant
Duration - about 1.5 h.